June 2nd, 2012

girl writing b&w

sometimes in the brain of a fan things are different

If you have not yet watched the trailer for The Bourne Legacy go ye forth! In my head this is the Clint Barton/Hawkeye backstory or origins film that we have been asking for and we may be getting an actual Black Widow film as well, yay!

Although this is causing me a bit of trouble, such as in this twitter chat today with a friend who has finally seen the Avengers:

FRIEND: Only just started? Damn! RT"@RobDowneyJrIMDB: Robert Downey Jr. Starts Filming Iron Man 3 http://eonli.ne/JP4AI3"
ME: Alas. BUT Iron Man 3, Thor 2, Captain America 2, possibly Black Widow origins, and Bourne Legacy (= Hawkeye origins, OKAY)
FRIEND: I want them now :-(
FRIEND: p.s. Bourne Legacy is about Hawkeye #confused
ME: Bourne Legacy stars Jeremy Renner, who plays Clint Barton/Hawkeye. I swear it’s a Hawkeye origins film.
ME: It is a fan thing, okay? I want all the fan things in which Bourne Legacy is Clint's background because they will be amazing.
FRIEND: Ah, ok, so its not *actually* a Hawkeye film, just in your mind? Lol #gotmyhopesup
ME: Cowboys & Aliens=James Bond, Indiana Jones, & 13 (House) on holiday. Am not always watching the same thing as everyone else.