June 3rd, 2012

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End Of Virginity: fic recs and discussion

In the spirit of the End of Virginity Challenge here are a couple of fic recs for ‘first time’ stories with the ‘why’ I like them whited out because of fic spoilers (highlight to read):

An Interruption of Gravity by bendingsignpost (BBC Sherlock, John/Sherlock, R, 1,800 words)
Summary: This is the seduction of Sherlock Holmes and John plans to make it last. Sherlock, of course, has other plans.
Why:*Because Sherlock decides when to move things along and John is okay with that. Because it gets huge points for the difficulties of having sex not just in a shower but under a shower that is over a bathtub. And because, most importantly, it shows how even if a ‘first time’ isn’t perfect it can still be right, if it’s with the right person, if it’s what you wanted to do, and that you can smile about it afterwards. That it can be fun. *

Moving The Furniture by sam-storyteller (Avengers, Steve/Natasha, R)
Summary: Steve thinks about sex a lot, and he'd like to have some, if he could just stop being an idiot around the people he'd like to have it with.
Why:*Because sometimes the awkward part is the ‘first time’ of getting to the ‘first time’. Because Natasha and Steve are so matter-of-fact and open and consensual and wonderful together. And because ‘first times’ don’t always have to be with the love of your life to be good, but with someone you respect, who treats you right, who is a damn good friend. There are lots of kinds of ‘first times’. *

Sex and Telepathy by blind_author (X Men: First Class, Charles/Erik, NC-17)
Summary: Most people can’t pinpoint the moment when they first become aware of sex. Charles can. Just a quick look at Charles’ telepathy and how it might shape his attitude towards sex.
Why:*Because it’s not just about the ‘first time’ Charles has sex, but the first time he’s aware of sex, and the first time he’s aware of distinctions within it, and different first times. Leading up the ‘first time’ he trusts someone enough to be completely himself, to let go, because it makes you vulnerable in so many ways. And because that ‘first time’ doesn’t go how he saw it going, over too fast and not exactly what he was looking for, but it was good anyway. *

On Love and Lust At Mutant High by Jenn (X Men, PG13-NC-17, 32 stories, total of 94,358 words)
One of the seminal X Men fics told from St. John’s point of view as the kids at Xavier’s grow up. There are love triangles and adult interference, confusion and hormones, alcohol and trust issues. And if that weren’t enough, of course there’s a ‘bad guy’ out for blood.
Why:*Many, many types of ‘first time’ are present in this fic along with many combinations of characters and dealing with emotions. Just. It’s epic, but it’s one of the best ‘growing up’ type stories around. *

Discussion of the End of Virginity Challenge, the fics recs, and more fic recs all very welcome :D