June 6th, 2012


a sharing post

I really need to do some rec posts, especially for the crazy amount of Avengers things that I have been loving, but since today is not that day I'm going to share some fun things at least:

Since it was the Queen’s jubilee today have an appropriate and amusing Sherlock gif (spoilers for 2.1): here

Speaking of amusing gifs, take a look at THIS Avengers one followed by THIS. No spoilers. Made my laugh my socks off.

Have a Star Trek 2 teaser trailer. It's on the way, yay!

An absolutely fantatic Tony Stark/Iron Man vid: Cuckoo by radiobroadcast on YouTube, footage from Iron Man and Iron Man 2.

Fix It is an absolutely amazing Coulson online comic/graphic novel/thing/I don't know, I was too busy staring at it! Spoilers for Avengers. Summary: a story of some Coulson, some doughnuts, and some fixing.

There is a Coulson game. I am pants at it, ha.

I’ve doing a load of rec posts for many wonderful Natasha, Clint, and Natasha/Clint things over on be_compromised where there are many great things. Take a look!

the common sense guide to surviving the zombie apocalypse from Postcard and gyzym on tumblr. Amusing and full of common sense. Also, I do not think I will survive, heh.

Downstairs, In Baker Stree by behtan_b_bad (PG13, 5,254). A mash up of many different fandoms, the most obvious being Sherlock BBC, James Bond, and RED, with spoilers for Sherlock 2.3. I absolutely love this. It is full of ladies and mature ladies for the win. They solve things and kick butt and this is the Mrs Hudson for me.
pratchett: death of rats (and mice)

step away from the keyboard

Decided to start trying to organise my favourites and bookmarks, because it really, really, really needs doing and managed to delete all of my Avengers links. ALL. They have been recovered, thank the every loving internet gods, and now I'm putting the laptop away for the night before I do any more damage!
girl writing b&w

jump off cliffs all the time and build your wings on the way down

That was the advice Ray Bradbury gave to writers. He passed away yesterday. Fahrenheit 451 is the book he is best known for and the idea that there are worse crimes than burning books, like not reading them. I love Fahrenheit 451 and if you haven’t read it you should certainly add it to your reading list, but there’s a great excitement that comes from picking up a collection of his short stories. You never know what you’re going to come across: descriptions of places both real and imaginary so vivid that you can taste them, new perspectives and ideas that you’d never thought of that make sense or don’t, horrors and delights, and maybe a repeat of a story you’ve read before, an old friend peaking out from between the pages.

The last Ray Bradbury book that I bought was the short story collection The Machineries of Joy, which has this introduction by Neil Gaiman who, as ever, says things better than the rest of us and there’s a good article here. EDIT: Neil Gaiman has also just written a piece for The Guardian here.

I cannot believe the extraordinary writers that we have lost of late – David Gemmell, Anne McCaffery, Robert Jordan, Diana Wynne Jones, so many – but I feel we are so lucky to have all of the stories that they have left behind.