June 8th, 2012

girl writing b&w

meta: some thoughts on Black Widow, remaking, and reclaiming

Meta from someone with little comics background. Essentially a look at Black Widow in The Avengers and Iron Man 2 with some comics snippets.

With thanks to workerbee73 with her wonderful meta and discussions, surreallis who asked questions and got me thinking, and everyone who joined in the discussion on the Alphabet wars thread on be_compromised. Meta referred to is from here and here by workerbee73, here by gyzym, and here by marinarusalka. Fics that deal with Natasha being remade and have influenced these thinky thoughts include RED by waldorph and Chrysalis by sugar_fey.

Some Thoughts On Black Widow, Remaking, And Reclaiming

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girl writing b&w

I can do words

Having written a huge piece of meta on Natasha I now feel all ‘yay, I can do words!’ and so signed up for Marvel Big Bang. A minimum of 10,000 words, rough draft due September and no harm, no foul drop out until then, and final draft due in October. Sounds do-able, right? At the moment I’m thinking of writing a sequel to The Child Takers or an epic road trip that Clint and Natasha go on after the end of the film.

To people on my f-list who aren’t Avengers mad and are waiting for other fics from me, I have apologies and cookies. I have been compromised.