June 25th, 2012

girl writing b&w

"This is revenge for the cliff, isn't it?" says Natasha

Over 4000 words into my marvel big bang, although I’m writing it out of order and a lot of it is in note form. Natasha just drove herself and Clint off a cliff. Clint’s whining about it, but it got rid of the bad guys, so I don’t think he really minds. That much.

I am, the big bang site reminds me, going to need a beta for this thing. If someone could just point out any daft mistakes, that would be fantastic. Anything beyond that would earn you oodles of appreciation.

What you would be letting yourself in for: The deadline for a rough draft is September and the final deadline is October. The minimum word count is 10,000 words. I don’t know if I’ll go over that, but the longest story I’ve written only made it up to 15,000. It’s a sequel to The Child Takers, but with no crossover elements, focusing on Natasha joining SHIELD and becoming the woman that we see in the Avengers. Maria Hill plays a large role and it will either eventually be Clint/Natasha or at the point where Clint/Natasha would be a possibility. The rating, I suspect, wouldn’t go over R/15 and currently you’d be looking at no worse warnings/triggers than for The Child Takers. (If triggers are a problem I can warn properly before sending you anything.)

I’m British, so catching anything that needs Americanizing would be good. I love being corrected on anything and everything, but I might sometimes argue back. I am not easily offended. Ideas bouncing would be fun, but not necessary.

So, if none of that has put you off, drop me a comment, a message, email, whatever. If in the unlikely event that there are many of you I will love you all :D

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