July 1st, 2012

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Renner and Pegg save the (day) film

I remember watching the first Mission Impossible film and thinking it was thrilling and clever with a cracking twist at the end. I’ve never rewatched it, so forgive me if I’m remembering it wrong. Regardless, the sequels have never seemed as good. Like most action films they’re okay. They have some bangs and funny lines. Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol is, thankfully, saved from being just a corny action flick with large amounts of plot ridiculousness by Simon Pegg and Jeremy Renner.

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And randomly. Tintin was one of the pre-film adverts and I spotted Moffat as one of the three screenwriters. I did not know this! Suddenly Tintin looks more interesting, heh.

Finally, I playing in the pit band (or orchestra) for three musicals when I was an undergrad and we always used the Mission Impossible theme tune for breaking down the set at the end of each performance. We had to turn the room back into a canteen and the only thing we were allowed to leave up was the main stage. Everything else had to be packed away. We rarely managed to get it done in the time it took for the theme to play out, but we had a damn good try and did manage it once or twice! Now I can’t hear that theme tune without wanting to leap to my feet and tidy up at super speed, which is amusing when it comes on in the middle of a film. Must. Stay. Seated. *grins*