July 6th, 2012


a sharing post

I’m working on organising my bookmarks and favourites again. This time hopefully I won't accidentally delete things *shakes head at self*. Anyway, found these that I meant to share and haven't, so sharing:

THIS Avengers thing made me laugh.

THIS from a interview with RDJ and Scarlett Johansson on the Avengers sums up a lot of what has annoyed me in the media surrounding the Avengers release, but I’m so pleased that here Scarlett doesn’t let it slide.

HERE is some feminism from 1915 that made me feel better.

And HERE is a Natasha being kick ass graphic. Makes me think of dark!fic or early years Natasha.

HERE is gorgeous Clint/Natasha artwork from lettiebobettie on tumblr.

HERE is a Renner gif set from the start of MI4 (very minor you-could-get-it-from-the-trailers spoiler) that cracks me up. HIS FACE.

HERE is a gif set of Matt Damon saying why Jeremy Renner is right for Bourne Legacy. Huge amounts of agreement from me :D

There are many great things happening at such-heights’ Avengers kissing fest over on dreamwidth and THIS with Agent Hill and Fury is one of my favourites.

And finally HERE is a fun tumblr mashing up the Avengers with other Whedon things.