July 14th, 2012

F:all BDHs

we interupt this broadcast for things of brilliance

This is just a quick update (because I’m still mostly offline) but I need to share some of the wonderful happening:

Check out the Epic Promptathon Of All Things happening at be_compromised. I am not kidding about the epic :D

And there are many reasons I wish I could be at the SDCC, not least being the Firefly Reunion! Fun teaser vid here, which hasn’t anything new but is a great reminder, and some live blogs from the panel and press conference here and here. Joss Whedon and Alan Baldwin were spotted visiting the people camping out in queues at daft times in the morning. *hugs Firefly fandom*

I have managed to see The Amazing Spider Man – possibly more on that later, but basically it’s far superior to the other Spider Man films and great fun :D

Stop the presses: Neil Gaiman say’s we’re getting more Sandman!

Happy Friday The Thirteenth folks ;) Will catch up with you all properly soon x