July 23rd, 2012

girl writing b&w

weekend plans mostly achieved and a few avengers questions

I said on the promptathon: Weekend plans in order of priority: love everyone in this bar; promptathon squee and party; work on promptathon fills; watch the Hurt Locker; figure out how to watch my shiny but awkward region one The Unusuals dvd; eat; sleep; do some work. Priorities, I have them.

Well, I love everyone in that bar, period *grins* and I did a fair amount of squee-ing, because, seriously, the quality and the fun and wonderful going on over there <3

I managed to do an icon batch fill and a fic fill – I’m not telling, go check out the Master Post ;) being put together by the lovely workerbee73. I have thousands of words for other prompts as well and one is nearly finished, wow. I have a few questions that have cropped up that my Google Fu has been unable to solve though, so any help for:

1) Is Eric Selvig referred to as ‘Doctor’ or ‘Professor’? Because according to the marvel and marvel movie wikis he’s Dr. Eric Selvig, a Professor of Theoretical Astrophysics, which does not help. Is he a Professor? Or do Marvel just not want him to be equated with Xavier? *grins*

2) In the US, do you refer to pyjama bottoms or pants or trousers or boxers or swears or whatever that a woman would wear to sleep in as ‘pants’ or ‘bottoms’ or what? Because I know in American ‘pants’ means knickers and Natasha isn’t wearing knickers.

I did not watch The Hurt Locker.

In my defence, that may have been because I watched ALL of The Unusuals. I knew Jeremy Renner was going to be good in it, but I wasn’t prepared for the amount of love I would feel for the rest of the characters and the show itself. It’s hard to label, for those of you who haven’t seen it, but the tone is kind of like Castle, with a balance of hilarity, drama, and sweetness, but more team focused, like in CSI, albeit far more character driven. It’s quirky. I love it. Especially the dispatch messages and the background stories related to them. Huge thanks to everyone who gave me info and advice on figuring out how to get region one dvds playing on my region 2 laptop!

I did some eating, probably not as much sleeping as I should have, but I went to bed early on Sunday to make up for it, and work. Well, work. I did that today instead ;)