August 1st, 2012

LotR: yay

newbie on AO3 and some fic questions

I am on AO3! HERE. HUGE thanks to dictator_duck! I don’t get how the invites work, but I appreciate that there have been floods of people moving to AO3. Fair enough that they want to manage that and make sure the site still works properly in the face of it. Still, I was down on the waiting list to get an account in February. February. This is lot sooner than February, yay!

Of course now it’s organisation time *grins*. So my few Avengers fics are going over there, because it’s apparently the place to go for shawarma these days. I don’t know about everything else though. I’ll probably move my most recent stuff and the ones that I’m pleased with, but some of them…

I decided ages ago that once I posted a story I wasn’t going to change it. Sure, I look back and cringe sometimes, but when I get daunted by how amazing other people’s writing is or I get frustrated with my own I can look back and say, hey, yeah, but I’ve improved. The proof is there for me to see. But when deciding what stories to move across to a new place, then, I don’t know whether to just move the whole lot or just a selection that I think are okay.

What have other people been doing? Are there any stories of mine you would particularly like to see on AO3? Thoughts?

I wouldn’t change any of my stories, but I think if ever I were to rewrite one it would be the first Harry Potter fic I posted online: The List. I wrote a fair amount before that, but that was the first fic where I wanted to make a point and where I think I actually managed to. It’s my most reviewed story on and still gets new reviews every so often, so I guess some people agree *grins*. It could be better written though and I think it would deserve the update.

What do you lot think of your earlier stories? Any you would consider changing or rewriting?