August 6th, 2012

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115 promptathon icons

Oh yeah, one hundred and freaking fifteen, you wonderful people. I hope you’re all enjoying the EPIC promptathon! Prompting closes 10th August but fills are now still going until the end of the month! So I’m going to carry on taking requests here until 29th August and then stick that second batch up in time for the end of the fills. kl_shipper1 is taking requests as well! Keep us busy with the pretties, folks :)


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All icons are for everyone (unless they’re a requested personalised icon) and if you’re interested in where they come from:

1-8: redbrunja asked for these pictures
9-21: workerbee73 asked for these pictures and for some with the text ‘Code Black Watch Plaid’
22-33: lar_laughs asked for a grease smudge icon and gave me a car photo. 27-33 are from The Hurt Locker.
34-45: And then when I said I was looking for Clint and a car lar_laughs pointed me at this photo shoot.
46-53: flying_android asked for some Scarlett Johnasson looking classy. Hope these count!
54-63: jacedesbff asked for ‘I’m in love with a fictional character’, ‘Me and Widow? Hell, yeah!’ and a personalised icon (please don’t steal the two with their username on)
64-67: anuna_81 asked for smirking Renner with ‘defying the laws of statistics’ or ‘defying the laws of probability’
68&69: anuna_81 prompted this photo
70&71: Because have you read the fic that has become a series from workerbee73 and bob5fic?!
72&73: heartequals prompted CLINT’S ARMS, ROPE, PLEASE and the rope, it is a thing, okay.
74: From im_ridiculous’s fic Agent Barton’s Strictly Professional Interest because it is hilarious
77-79: From dictator_duck’s Communication Difficulties with The Unusuals reference for added win
80-83: From jacedesbff’s fic Intoxicated Amphibians because drunk frogs
84&85: Because of flying_android’s fic Bows and Catapults
86&89: workerbee73 said it
92: im_ridiculous said it

And things that have been said, alluded to, cropping up, just, THINGS. And some extras :)