August 14th, 2012

avengers:natasha romanoff is black widow

Fic: where the evening splits in half

Title: where the evening splits in half
Rating/Warnings: PG13; mild swearing, murder, lots of blood, wanting to die.
Length: 1,230 words
Summary: for the prompt A linguistic interaction is first and foremost manipulative. Natasha and words. from dictator_duck at the be_compromised epic and wonderful promptathon.
Author Notes: this is a prologue of sorts for the small acts verse by workerbee73 and bob5fic, also with an epilogue by sugar_fey, the master list for which can be found here. This verse took over my brain. Thank you for letting me play in your sandbox! The title is from Richard Siken’s poem Wishbone from which bob5fic took the title for the small acts installment your killing floor.

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