September 1st, 2012

girl writing b&w

Avengers Ladies Are Awesome

Natasha, Pepper, Jane, Peggy, Sif, Darcy, and Maria. All in one vid. In a vid by kaydeefalls. Which, for those of you not in the know, means storytelling, musical moments matched up perfectly with clips, things like the boys being relegated to the role of love interests for a change, and masses of feels. FEELS, I HAS THEM. So many that I can't even rec this properly, but, oh my heart, it NEEDS to be recced.

So What by kaydeefalls HERE on livejournal also with downloading links or HERE on vimeo.
Summary: A tribute to the kickass ladies of the Avengers cinematic universe.

Now if you'll excuse me I have to go watch it again and again and again...

Edit: And whilst I'm having an Avengers Ladies day, have you seen the tumblr a softer marvel that remixes the a softer world comics? Well this text, whatever the remix, has always been one of my favourites. This remix of this text though owns my heart: