October 3rd, 2012


avengers fans, are the extras I haven't seen worth it?

I’m supposed to be waiting for Christmas for the Avengers, which works since I’m currently broke and there were rumours that there might be a special version coming out by then in the UK, but those are apparently debunked. That’s a kick in the gut considering that in the UK not only does the DVD of the Avengers come with practically no extras at all, but Joss Whedon’s commentary has been taken off the Blu-ray (even if you pre-ordered it), the Coulson scene has been censored, and there’s still no Shawarma Scene. I’ve been trying to work out what my best option would be.

The Options:
1) the UK DVD. It’s cheap, it has the film on it!
2) the UK Blu-ray. It has most of the extras.
3) import a region free US Blu-ray with everything. (Amazon tells me that the UK Blu-ray is region free, but it says that the US Blu-ray is region specific. True or false?)

For me, I personally don’t own a Blu-ray player, but I could use a family one. Awkward, but do-able. Blu-ray also costs more and importing a Blu-ray even more than that. The thing is that I managed to catch a fair amount of the extras on the internet before they were taken down:
- the gag reel
- “A Visual Journey”
- Loki and Clint extended scene
- Bruce extended scene
- the extended Viaduct Fight
- Steve Rodgers – Man Out of Time
- the Maria Hill, Fury, and World Security Council alternate bits
- Item 47 (if that’s the one with the two folks in the car with ski-masks and alien weaponary?)
I have also seen blurry footage of the post-credits Shawarma scene that they won’t let us have in the UK. Whilst I object to the censorship of the Coulson scene on principal I’m not too fussed if I end up with the censored version. (I’m still peeved on principal that it’s called by the different title of ‘Avengers Assemble’ over here but I can live with it.) According to the table here of what the US gets I’m missing Second Screen, Assembling the Ultimate Team, a music video, and Joss Whedon’s commentary.

Am I missing anything else? Based on what I’ve already managed to see, is there any point in the extra expense of tracking down a Blu-ray with everything on it? Am I missing some really good things, or have I seen the best extras and should just sit back and rewatch the film?