October 16th, 2012

heart repairs

Quick post of THINGS

> The BBC have released a missing scene Doctor Who P.S. about what happened to Brian and the Ponds after The Angels Take Manhattan. So, serious spoilers, people. And grab a tissue.)

> If you haven't heard the news, Agent Coulson is back in the SHIELD TV show (link to one of many articles). Does that mean that the show is set pre-Avengers? Or are the conspiracy theorists in with a chance of being right? Let the speculation commence! (And if the Agents in this show would like to speculate about Clint and Natasha on their coffee break whilst Coulson smiles enigmatically I WOULD BE OKAY WITH THAT.)

> Creative Support Group - The Beta Edition happening over at be_compromised. A chance to discuss anything and everything about beta reading, as a beta, a writer, or both.

> The War Was in Color by Settiai on YouTube remains the best STEVE FEEEEEELS vid ever. Footage from both Captain America, The Avengers, and The Avengers extra footage/deleted scenes. The editing is superb, the use of black and white fantastic, the matching of the lyrics to the clips amazing, and the story telling wonderful. FEEEEEELS.