November 2nd, 2012

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> For people worrying about the upcoming LJ changes there’s some further information that you might want to look at here. To summarise, apparently we’ll be able to turn off the infinite scroll on the f-list page and we’ll be able to “customise background images”, which suggest we’ll be able to limit the amount of white space or develop a work around for it. Also, paid accounts aren’t being removed: “the concept of buying something that's called a "paid account" is what will be removed -- extra features will be done as add-ons and add-on packages. Existing paid or permanent accounts at that time will be treated as premium/elite accounts that will have access to even more features than exist right now.”

> I thought about doing NaNoWriMo this year, but I realized that actually I don’t want to write a novel right now. I’d actually be more pleased with myself if I managed to finish some of the fanfics that I’m working on and, of course, I need to do my Secret Santa fic for be_compromised. So I’m going to have a fic finishing month instead. I aim to finish: the Secret Santa fic, the Clint/Natasha His Dark Materials crossover fic from a promptathon prompt, and the Sherlock/Secret Garden thing at least. Onwards!

> Joss Whedon, US politics, and the zombie apocalypse (with thanks to franztastischfor the link), because Joss is boss.