January 4th, 2013


Big Fandom Post 2013

The second thing I’ve reviewed is my f-list, communities, and feeds, and my fandoms. I’ve stopped following people that haven’t posted in a long time without any reason that I know of or can think of, and communities that are inactive or I no longer spend much time on. I know some of you post sporadically, have busy lives offline, or spend more time on communities than your own journals. (And some of you I just don’t want to stop stalking in case you show up again! I live in hope.) If I’ve stopped following anyone who is actually still around, let me know and I’ll follow you again!

If you’re following me, and if you want to know if it’s a good idea to keep following me *grins*, here’s an idea of what fandoms I see myself being involved in this year and what I hope to get up to in them:

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And I think that’s everything! But you might also want to know: a surprise!fandom may appear; I’m always open to book chatter and icon requests; I sometimes drop icons in comments to people, but I fail at gifs; I often have long comment conversations; I have more ideas than I write and love to enable other people who have ideas; there may also be posts about random things that catch my attention, like crazy weather (but I tend to f-lock those).