January 14th, 2013

girl writing b&w

when crossovers and fusions write themselves

I've been having an organisational day again - hello Monday - and I found these quotes that I must have meant to share some time back, related to sometimes in the brain of a fan things are different. I'm going to share them now, because they still amuse me greatly.

From here on tumblr: “Tinker Tailor Solider Spy: aka that awkward moment when Sherlock has to bring Sirius Black out of retirement to help the Dream Lord, the King of England, Aberforth Dumbledore, Lord Blackwood, and the Elephant Man catch a mole because Russia.”

And from here a quote from Steven Moffat when asked when season 3 of Sherlock will happen: “We’re trying to schedule everything around everything. Obviously Sherlock Holmes is off battling Captain Kirk, and Dr Watson is helping Gandalf, and I’m in the TARDIS.”
girl writing b&w

an icon tutorial

I keep meaning to do an icon tutorial, because everyone should be able to play with the pretty pictures, and so here it is!

Disclaimer thingy: I am by no means technically minded and I don’t use any expensive software. This is just how I make my icons, basically tips I’ve picked up and figured out myself as I’ve gone along. It’s meant to be a rough starting point for people looking into making graphics or joining graphics making communities. I know there are other and better guides out there. Feel free to ask questions, discuss amongst yourselves, and so on. Remember to have fun!

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