January 25th, 2013

girl writing b&w

this needs to be shared!

THOR ON AN ELEPHANT, anuna_81 has written a fic called I wanna read you (like a good book, baby) (explicit content (sex and language); established Clint/Natasha; pre movie) that references, and was influenced by, my fic The Child Takers (R, follow link for warnings)! My flail, it is epic and ongoing!

anuna_81 took the bit She can talk about films and art that she has never seen, books that she has never read, places where she has killed but never taken the time to truly look or explore. She is required to know and that is all. and wrote a hot, steamy, literary, oh my gosh, seriously full of literary/reading/wordy references thing of beauty.

The summary is: Clint takes all of her in, from head to toe, and feels a bit like he's standing in sunshine. Not the blistering kind. Nice evening glow that's just warm enough to settle into. (Aka, Clint comes home tired and goes to bed, but doesn't sleep.) And it contatins such gorgeous phrasing as Reading, reading, reading; finally getting to know all those books she could talk about, but had never held in her hands. and Some books are too good not to be reread, he thinks distantly when she kisses him, slow and hot. Some chapters stick to your fingers and burn a mark on your mind, and you come back for more. Always come back for more. YES ALL OVER <3