January 29th, 2013


there MUST be fanfic of this; tell me there is fanfic of this!

Last summer myself and a bunch of friends passed around some DVDs and books, because there are some fannish things where we have an overwhelming urge to share. (We're all still working our way through stuff. Shhh, we're slow.) For my part, I'm making sure they're familiar with Firefly, Dollhouse, and Neil Gaiman amongst other wonderful. Anyway, one of my friends lent me the full seven seasons of Buffy. I've never seen them all, and not in order. (My mum thought a series about horrible things like vampires and demons would scare me to death as a kid. She was probably right. But I still told her, "But Mum it's really about feminism!")

So last night I couldn't sleep and decided to make inroads. I have now finally finished Season One and started Season Two! (Shhh, slow remember? And in my defence this was far from the only thing I was leant.)

The point of this post: the ending of Out Of Mind, Out Of Sight leapt onto my list of reasons why I love Joss Whedon. Collapse ) Made of win, Whedon, made of win. And since this was aired ages and ages ago SOMEONE TELL ME THERE IS FANFICTION OF THIS.