January 31st, 2013

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because ladies are marvelous

Ready for halfamoon? It's a celebration of women in fandom that runs from Febrary 1st-14th and I've never yet managed to catch it live. This year I'm working on a batch of Marvel Ladies icons - ladies from the Marvel films, 100 icons so far and I've only covered three films. Um, oops? (I'm having fun. Discovered when iconing screencaps of Peggy in Captain America that when she's being badass with a gun she has red nail polish on, hadn't noticed that before.)

I did do a bunch of Ladies recs for International Woman's Day last year. I feel the urge to do another, either for halfamoon or International Woman's Day again. Because of fics like sugar_fey's Conversation Over Tea and frea_o's The Bechdel Test. And because 'Women Being Awesome' is a tag on AO3 and I love that.

Other ladies things I've spotted recently: there's a multifandom women comment ficathon and a heroinebigbang happening, and I recently read an interesting post from YA author Sarah Rees Brennan on ladies in writing. If that's a bit too rage inducing, try her Real Lady Sleuths post as well or instead - I love that one, and I went back and reread it. Not tempted? Allow me to share two snippets from that:

When World War II started, her friends begged her to come home. Lee Miller instead became a photojournalist and correspondent for Vogue, and thus one of the first female war correspondents of World War II. Her pictures of the concentration camps are famous. In 1945, just after Hitler died and after a long day photographing Dachau, Lee Miller was photographed by the Life magazine correspondent, naked in Hitler’s bathtub, with her combat boots and army uniform beside her.


FRANCE: That is like twice as much as you’d pay for any of the dudes.
GESTAPO: Seems about right.
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ten questions

gelbes_gilatier tagged me for a ten questions meme, which from what I can see is a case of answer ten random questions, then come up with ten more random questions and tag six of your f-list, so:

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Okay, ten questions from me (and yeah, I stole the book one, but books):
1. What's one thing that you're looking forward to this year, and why?
2. An interesting thing that you learnt/found out recently?
3. What're your comfort clothes?
4. What would be your dream holiday?
5. The trigger for you joining your first/your (current) main fandom?
6. What was the last book you read? Liked it? Not? Why?
7. Your trapped in a lift (elevator) survival kit would contain...?
8. The first site you go to when you get on the internet?
9. If I give you the prompt 'red', what three sentence fic do you come up with?
10. Zombies or vampires?

And anyone can feel free to join in/do this, but I'll tag lar_laughs, anuna_81, luvscharlie, settiai, ladymercury_10, and workerbee73 :)