February 13th, 2013

bubbles and hearts

which story do you prefer?

Just a note to say that I managed to see Life of Pi tonight! (Which was a close call, because today was the last day it was on at the cinema our way.) It was every bit as visually spectacular as I'd hoped, the story was very close to the book (I loved what the book had to say about stories and belief, and the film manages to capture that), and when it was finished I realised that I had a damp face but I couldn't remember crying.

I wanted to play with the gorgeous imagery, so I made a photoset on tumblr. (For those of you who missed that memo I surrended and joined tumblr with a rallying cry of "FOR THE PRETTIES!" I'm talkingwiththevoices.)

I wanted to mention a quote or two here as well. I found my copy, but then I ended up starting to reread it and I closed it with a laugh, because now is sleep time not novel reading time, only for the first couple of pages not to shut properly. I'd found a bookplate, for an English Literature prize from GCSE. I'd forgotten about that, both the award and my old habit of leaving little things inside books, like gift tags, bookplates, postcards, post-it notes... So I'll leave you intead with the note I'd left for myself with that bookplate: always remember to appreciate stories, even the ones without tigers. Night x