March 6th, 2013

girl writing b&w

"so why can't I sleep?"

Thanking you for all the lovely birthday wishes! Since it's a weekday I didn't really get up to much, but some family came to visit, which was nice, and there was cake, which was yummy. I was actually far more excited about the fact that a new Iron Man 3 trailer was released today than about being another year older though *grins*. I can't help it, time happens all the time, I'm always getting older, but Iron Man 3 people, PRIORITIES:

We're also finally getting Season 5 of Castle in the UK on March 20th!!! We only recently got the second season of White Collar, which I'd been waiting years for, and then it's just sailed straight into the third season, what?! Elementary and Chicago Fire have just returned after an irritating mid-season break, and Arrow is off for a few weeks but back soon, and Revolution is on the way, which looks interesting. March, hello, we're going to be friends this year.