March 9th, 2013

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marvelous ladies icons 1/2

I have reached the point where I have over 300 icons for various projects and haven’t posted any of them, which, what?! It turns out that around 200 are for the marvelous ladies batch that I meant to do for halfamoon back in February. Well, it’s International Women’s Day. Have icons!

I haven’t done Iron Man, Iron Man 2, or Avengers yet, so I’m sorry but there’s no Pepper, Natasha, or Maria, but there will be later, and I’ve split this batch into two parts, for people who have trouble loading lots of images.

Part One
The Incredible Hulk: x30 Betty Ross, x2 minor characters
Amazing Spider Man: x24 Gwen, x8 Aunt May, x2 Peter’s Mum, x2 Gwen’s Mum, x4 minor characters
Captain America: x27 Peggy Carter, x1 minor characters

Part Two
Thor: x33 Jane Foster, x23 Darcy Lewis, x12 Team Science, x24 Lady Sif, x5 Queen Frigga, x1 Team Asgard, x5 minor characters


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