May 26th, 2013

hp:deathly hallows

Fic: listen to the stories playing in your head

This was posted to luv_shannon as a gift for luvscharlie as a cheer up fic. So naturally its a creepy and disturbing merging of Harry Potter and Unwind. You don't have to have read the latter to understand this fic. But if you like creepy and disturbing dystopian YA novels you'll want to check it out.

Hey, look, I wrote something. How about that :)

Title: listen to the stories playing in your head
Rating/Warnings: PG13, a ‘medical’ procedure called unwinding whereby a person is taken apart and everything is donated
Length: 2,550 words
Summary: Unwinding is a Muggle practise. Until Death Eaters effectively take over the Ministry of Magic and start sending children who are Muggle-Borns, Halfbloods, and Muggle sympathisers to Muggle harvesting clinics. The idea, the Ministry states, is to return that which belongs to the Muggle world to the Muggle world.
Author Notes: Also on AO3 here. The first paragraph is taken from the opening of Neal Shusterman’s Unwind, and a few other sentences describing unwinding were lifted from parts of the book as well. This fic assumes that the ‘not so distant future’ of Unwind occurred prior to the events of Harry Potter so that the story is set in the 1990s. There is a possible moment of Real Person Fanfiction, or at least it's kind of intended to be, but it’s an AU of RPF so it kind of isn’t really. All clear as mud? Great.

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