July 24th, 2013

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to fight monsters, we created monsters of our own

I went to see Pacific Rim tonight after work (it is cheaper on Tuesdays) because of people on my f-list, people on promptathon, people on tumblr, the guy at the comic shop last wednesday, and people at Manchester comicon. With so many people enabling, how could I not? *grins*. I see what people have been saying - the character development could use work. They kept throwing reveals or emotional moments at the audience, but there'd been no build up, no little moments, so it was hard to care. I would have cared more if they let me. Some of the dialogue was cheesey and there were stereotypes all over the place. But y'know what? I enjoyed it. I was entertained. And I can appreciate that this 'verse is a dream for fanfiction and crossovers lol. Also, if someone had told me that it had Idris Elba and Burn Gorman (Owen from Torchwood) in it and had an apocalyptic atmosphere? I would have run, not walked, to the cinema!

And speaking of Idris Elba, when I got home I watched the last episode of season three of Luther. Oh, show. You never disappoint.
avengers:assassins sit in silence

Fic: tie me to a purer movement

I wrote a thing. Or rather I actually finished writing a thing, yay! There's a fair few prompts at be_compromised's 2013 promptathon that have taken over my brain. I love promptathon :D

Title: tie me to a purer movement
Rating/Warnings: R for, erm, violent imagery and metaphoric sex?
Length: 466 words
Summary: for this prompt from lar_laughs: Tie your heart at night to mine, love,/ and both will defeat the darkness/ like twin drums beating in the forest/ against the heavy wall of wet leaves (poem by Pablo Neruda)
Author Note: Originally posted here for be_compromised's 2013 Promptathon.

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