July 29th, 2013

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39 Promptathon Icons

Wow, I can't believe Prompathon 2013 is almost over! I bring you requests and pretties. I haven't had time to read and look at all the wonderful creations yet, or follow much of the chatter this year, so if I'm missing anything that you feel needs icon-ing just let me know :) Enjoy!


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And the all important where they come from:
01-07: shenshen77 requested Bourne and Avengers crossover icons
08-15: alphaflyer requested James Bond and Avegers crossover icons - you'll have to forgive me for 15, I couldn't resist
16-17: are from undyinglovee's gorgeous manip, please credit them as well
18-19: are from anuna_81's fic Those arms
20-22: are from lar_laugh's fic Rip Apart the World
23-24: are from franztastisch's Postcard of a Painting
25-26: are from enigma731 and _samalander's With an Ocean in the Way
27-28: are from 1812 Quincy by alphaflyer
29-30: have some Age of Ultron Natasha thanks to enigma731's Here at the End of the World
34-36: nessataleweaver and me were chatting and lar_laughs said to icon it; and I'm obliging that way *grins*
avengers:iron not the worst thing

Avengers on bikes picspam

So here I am playing with lots of promptathon prompts, and thinking about one that has the Avengers as bikers, and I know very little about motorbikes so I think to myself that I will go looking for inspiration online. There is, after all, a photo of Jeremy Renner on a motorbike that stuck in my brain. I will see if there are ones of the rest of the cast too. And so this happened:

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