August 19th, 2013

bubbles and hearts

a bundle of things (tied up with string)

& sarahtales has once again worked her commentary magic, this time on Pacific Rim HERE. It captures all of the things I liked about that film, cheerfully pokes fun at the bits that I found problematic, and is full of hilarity.

& For the love of all things, why do people leave during the credits for Marvel films? When will they learn?! Which is to say that the after credits scene is probably the best bit of the new Wolverine film. It caused much geeking out amongst us. Mind you, the bit at the very end of the credits that thanks the hotel, as in that hotel, you know the one, is an actual hotel possibly caused as much noise. Also fun is tallying how many excuses there are for Hugh Jackman to lose his shirt. This is not the best film you will see this year. But it's fun.

& Far. Too. Many. Comics. But yay, new Saga!!!

& Far too many books, and fics, and tv things, argh.

& I'm reserving judgement on the New Doctor until we've actually seen him as the new Doctor. For all the people commenting on his clothes and scarf in the promo shots: remember when everyone said Matt Smith looked too young and was wearing a leather jacket like Nine, and Amy wasn't even wearing a real police uniform, and this was a travesty? Remember when it turned out that Eleven wore tweed and acted older than the previous two Doctors in some ways and Amy was actually a kissagram? Remember that? Moffat, people. Learn.

& I've been working on heroine big bang graphics. I have two wonderful stories to work with! I'm almost done with the graphics for one of them, but I'm contemplating doing a little actual art thing as well for it. The other I need to crack on with. I'm also loving gearing up to do a postcard graphics project with franztastisch, and playing with some graphics for cybermathwitch, and I think there needs to be more Skottie Young icons...

& I might actually get the rough draft of a fic done for marvel_bang, wow. If I make good use of the bank holiday weekend at the end of this week. Writing hat on!

& I'm going to see Neil Gaiman in Ely tomorrow evening. It's not sinking in. I am so very excited, really, Fangirl: Headless Chicken Version. I still have no idea what I'm going to get signed! I've narrowed it down to Endless Nights, Issue 8 of Sandman (The Sound of Her Wings), and the little gold ghastly book. So I'm taking all three with me, because train reading, plus The Ocean At The End Of The Lane (of course - he's going to sign all copies of that, since that is the point of the book tour, and one other thing for people) but I don't think any more time will help me decide, ha. The friend I'm going with is trying to persuade me to take my laptop - we're staying over in a hotel, there may be a night of internets and a Marvel film. Or we might crash from the excitement; that's a distinct possibility. Then again, that's what sugary food stuffs are for *grins*.

Night all x