August 24th, 2013

avengers:natasha romanoff is black widow

Art Post for #girlavenger, or or How Natasha Trended on Twitter and Saved the World

I signed up to do art for emmypenny's fic at heroinebigbang based purely on its title and I was not disappointed! I've had so much fun with this story! #girlavenger is a fantastic fic full of the many ways in which women can be wonderful and full of Natasha being inspiring and every. single. time. another draft landed in my inbox fangirlish noises of excitement were made.

I made cover art with the tweets from the fic in the background, and then another cover that's a Skottie Young variant, because I couldn't resist. Then I did the twitter homepage of one of the main twitter folks and a Girl Avenger meme. Finally, laurajade221b made me commit art. Because during our geek road trip this week I said that if I could Art I would love to do a twitter bird on a Skottie Young style Natasha's head, and she said, "You must do this thing!" So I did :)

Link to fic on livejournal: HERE, also HERE as emmypenny has a new LJ handle of burritosong
Link to fic on AO3: HERE
Link to art on AO3 (where it is full size and not LJ shrunk to fit): HERE
Link to fanmix by salvadore_hart: [coming soon]

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