December 14th, 2013

LotR: yay

it's that most wonderful time of the year

In which I am crazy busy organsing things for Christmas and the New Year, meeting up with family and friends (from those that I see a lot of and want to see MORE of to those that come out of the woodwork when Christmas is in the air), and still trying to do work and all that jazz. A bit of an update:

> I saw The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on Wednesday and The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug today and geeked out over both of them. A lot. Seriously brilliant films.

> I've read World After and Steelheart recently, both excellent YA novels, and I'm currently reading Zoo City (as lent to me by franztastisch), which has fascinating world building going on.

> I've had a work Christmas doo, which had naff food, a good DJ, and a very good live band, and was free, at which I proved once again that alcohol is not required to get up and dance like you mean it *grins*.

> I've done almost all my shopping, but none of my wrapping. I still need to write out, and make, some Christmas cards. And we have no decorations up yet!

> Next week is a trip to the Manchester Christmas Markets (which I've seen many times since I'm always going to Manchester and you can't miss the markets (no, really, they've invaded), but this will be a meet up to actually go around them. There's also a work Secret Santa. And lots of family visiting. And Dead Bird Day (aka Christmas Eve, which begins with collecting the Dead Birds (or, y'know, turkeys), and then has visiting lots of family and a Midnight Mass that isn't at midnight).

> I'm finishing work on the 19th!

> Oh, yeah, and there's this thing called Secret Santa at be_compromised that you may have heard of. It's going to be fantastical!