February 15th, 2014

avengers:assassins call it love

x3 Clint/Natasha mini-promptathon fics

When was the last time I actually finished a fic? Last July? Well thank you be_compromised Valentine's Mini-Promptathon 2014 because I just wrote and finished (!!!) three fics tonight. They're short, but damn it's good to be writing again, and actually finishing things.

FIC: Love Is
Rating/Warnings: PG13; for trust issues, darkish thoughts
Prompt: from franztastisch Whisper a dangerous secret to someone you care about. Now they have the power to destroy you, but they won’t. This is what love is. [Welcome to Night Vale]

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FIC: Eyes Wide
Rating/Warnings: R for swearing, sex, undetailed reference to flash backs and sex as a tool
Prompt: from shenshen77 How does their lovemaking change when Clint loses his hearing? Or does it change at all? Maybe he has been deaf all along but Natasha didn't know. How does it affect their affections when she finds out?
Author Note: um, I also kind of filled my own prompt of He likes to look (to see that it’s her). She likes to be touched (to know that it’s him). Oops.

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FIC: got your back (you can finally fight the hurricane)
Rating/Warnings: PG13; Clint had a bad childhood, trouble sleeping
Prompt: from [Unknown LJ tag] The problem with watching movies together is that Clint falls asleep. Every freaking time.
Author Note: SPOILERS for Pacific Rim (but not the ending). Pre Clint/Natasha (because Natasha isn’t there yet. I blame the new Black Widow comics for this turn of events)

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girl writing b&w

secondary fanworks and permission statements

New layout, because it was time for a change and I fancy lots of white space to encourage me to fill it with words :) Not sure about the title style or the blue; I was thinking more greyscale, but it'll do for now. Happier with how my new profile layout turned out.

I also, after reading this interesting meta by thefourthvine on dreamwidth, have a permission statement in my LJ and AO3 profiles. I'd been debating about this, because it kind of sounds like you're saying 'I'm so awesome I need one of these because of course people are going to want to make secondary fanworks of my stuff', but then a (very) few people have asked me about using my icons elsewhere and translations and they always sound all apologetic. So I wanted something to say 'do not be apologetic for I am hugely flattered!' It got a little wordy, because I'm like that :/ But here's how mine goes:

Permission Statement (because apparently these things are useful): If you feel so inclined you have my permission to create secondary fanworks of any of my transformative works, including but not limited to: podfic, fanart, fanmixes, translations, remixes, meta, negative reviews that will make me cry, commentaries, using my icons on other sites… I'll be flattered :) I appreciate that there are different requirements for different formats (ie. podfic) so if small changes to the original work help, feel free to alter at will. If you would like me to make alterations specifically for you or help with anything, please feel free to ask - I may not want to dive back into an old fic, but it's worth a shot. A few stipulations: please ask if you want to write a sequel to any of my works, in case I'm already writing one myself. Please ask before doing anything with something I co-created or that was me playing in someone else's sandbox, because it'd be nice to check with them first too. Please don't use my work for profit or anything commercial. Please credit me for the part of the work that i've done and link back to the original work. Please let me know so that I can squee about it! (I can be contacted by PM, comments, or email if you have it.)

What're people's thoughts on creating secondary works of other people's creations? I've done art collaborations in big bangs and I know there are remixes out there, but what about outside of that? I've played in someone else's sandbox with permission, but felt kinda bad about it. I've approached fandom people with permission statements to use their art for icons, and as long as I credited I felt comfortable with that. Thinky thoughts?