March 8th, 2014

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marvelous ladies icons: part three

Happy International Women's Day! Last year I began a batch of marvelous ladies icons. I still have quite a few films to go, but this year I'm adding to the collection with icons from Iron Man and Iron Man 2.

Part Three
Iron Man: x4 minor characters, x6 Christine Everhart, x23 Pepper Potts, x3 Team Efficiency
Iron Man 2: x3 minor characters, x2 Christine Everhart, x15 Pepper Potts, x15 Natasha Romanoff, x5 Team Redhead


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From last year:

Part One
The Incredible Hulk: x30 Betty Ross, x2 minor characters
Amazing Spider Man: x24 Gwen, x8 Aunt May, x2 Peter’s Mum, x2 Gwen’s Mum, x4 minor characters
Captain America: x27 Peggy Carter, x1 minor characters

Part Two
Thor: x33 Jane Foster, x23 Darcy Lewis, x12 Team Science, x24 Lady Sif, x5 Queen Frigga, x1 Team Asgard, x5 minor characters