March 9th, 2014

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"everything is awesome"

> Geek Trip to the roving comics fayre on Saturday, but apparently there was something else going on the same day because a lot of the regular folks weren't there. Including the main graphic novel guy, so no cheap graphic novels for me, meh. I did find a load of Astonishing X Men comics though - Phil Noto cover art and stores written by Marjorie Liu? Yes please *grabby hands*. Later we flipped a coin between The Lego Movie and The Grand Budapest Hotel, as we fancied something amusing, and The Lego Movie won. It was indeed amusing. With a theme tune that I still can't shake out of my head, and that's where this week's title is from *grins*. Since it was also a geek trip following my birthday I got spoilt with geeky things, including Hawkeye and Black Widow style wrapped presents, one of which was a Skottie Young Black Widow t-shirt (!!!), and three gorgeous arty birthday cards. Also Avengers badges and I'm going to see Ed Sheeran in October! I am a lucky, lucky person :D

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> On the box: I have watched this week's The Walking Dead and am now one and a half episodes away from the end of season three of Buffy. Yeah, I'm bad at tv.

> Books read: I started the week off by reading The Shock of the Fall by Nathan Filer and then I didn't pick up another book for the rest of this week because I needed to digest that one, and to get over the ouch. It's a very well written story about grief and mental illness. [minor spoiler]It also contains a character with Downs Syndrome, which is always great to see, but feels a little like the story has been overloaded with this character and two characters with mental illness being in the same family. Which can and does happen, but also smells a little like the author is throwing as much difference as possible at the reader. And then that character is the one who we know from the start is dead, so, yeah, not great awareness raising there. Those are the only two things I find a bit problematic. Other than that, it's very good. Not one for when you're feeling down though - it made me cry.

> This weeks comics: Agent of Asgard #2 (alas, no Avengers, but the God of Lies has met a character who only hears the truth, so that could be interesting), Jupiter's Legacy #3 (woah, time jump! But interesting), and Magneto #1 (yes, I got the Skottie Young cover ;) This feels a but like 'what Magneto does when he's not being a super villan' in the style of Hawkeye and Black Widow, and I'm not sure this interests me).

> Recs: I love Sherlock fics where Molly is a strong character, where she grows into her own, but fics like the breath that passed from you to me by rsadelle (Sherlock, Molly/Sherlock, Mature, 14,843 words) remind me that a Molly who can be an idiot when it comes to Sherlock isn't necessarily idiotic or less strong than any other type of Molly.
I also read a bunch of Hunger Games fics this week. Have three (bring tissues):
Out of the Night: An Interview with a Mockingjay by athousandwinds (Katniss/Peeta, Teen and Up, 2440 words) After twenty-five years, Katniss Everdeen breaks her long silence to speak to our star reporter.
To the Victor, The Spoil by Annakovsky (Katniss/Haymitch, Explicit, Underage, 13,360 words) No berries, no mockingjay, no rebellion. Katniss killed Peeta in the arena, and now she has to live with herself like every other victor.
Valor, Valeria by aimmyarrowshigh (various pairings, Explicit, 8643 words) Gale sells and Finnick is sold, and there is no honor in Panem. aka two boys grow up in two different Districts and life is easy for no one.