April 9th, 2014

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Winter Soldier icons

Here's the deal: these images are promotional images, trailer images, stuff that if you've been on the internet you've probably seen before the film, however if you've been hiding from spoilers they may spoil you for characters that're in it. There are also quote icons. There's nothing that i'd call a major plot point spoiler (unless you don't know who the Winter Soldier is), but plenty that I'd call minor ones. So. If you don't want any kind of spoilers at all, don't look. And if you're using these? I'd appreciate it if you'd play nice with the quote ones, where you use them (like maybe for discussion posts or comment replies in posts that warn for spoilers), until the film's been out a bit longer. (I know, if that's something that bothers me I shouldn't make icons yet, but THIS FILM.)

And if you have any other images or can recall any more quotes (i'm particularly interested in Natasha quotes and amusing quotes, but my wording isn't accurate enough) then I'd really like to icon them *flutters eyelashes hopefully*.

Okay, so on to the icons...


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