May 5th, 2014

avengers:team shawarma

bank holiday weekend of fun

> Free Comic Book Day on Saturday! We went to the travelling comic fayre and I got some bargains - the first GN of Y: The Last Man, the next two Walking Dead GNs, and a bunch of Image comics to try. (I am now collecting Revival; I blame @TricksyLiesmith.) We went to Travelling Man and watched window art happening. We went to Forbidden Planet, we went for food, and we went to watch Amazing Spider Man 2. [film spoilers]When it opened with the gears inside the watch and the decisive tick me and @TricksyLiesmith gasped in realisation. This time we spotted all the time and clock references. Well done film! And it still hurts.

> scribble_myname has made a fantastic fanmix here on AO3 for my fic Failsafe! Clint/Natasha wonderfulness!

> I've been doing a bit of beta reading and ideas storming with people this week, and folks? You have really good fic in your future. I'm excited about these :D

> I installed a new internet router yesterday. Our internet has now miraculously improved.

> In about an hour I will be watching Tracks! Trailer here. (I have watched so many films this year, and more multiple times than before. Mutual enablement with @TricksyLiesmith is going to be the bankruptcy of us both lol.) Shout out to the Australians - this one is set where you are.