July 3rd, 2014

bubbles and hearts

remix recs

I interept the usual...non-viewing because I'm clinging on to time management by my finger nails, but I'm working my way through the remix exchange fics on be_compromised and loving them and then I discover that I have two fics and they are both so. damn. good. So I'm reccing my own gifts. BECAUSE FICS OF AWESOME HERE PEOPLE.

Almost Home by sugar_fey (Teen and Up) Summary: ‘Home’ is a word in a language not her own Natasha has never longed for home.

This is a look into what 'home' means to Natasha and how she develops that meaning, steeped in imagery and character development. sugar_fey breaks down the concept, explores it through time and what choices and experience make us, throws in some gorgeous writing, and packages it up in a themeatic structure that works brilliantly. She always makes me see new things in this character. LOVE.

This Bitter Earth by franztastisch (Teen and Up) Summary: The only beautiful things here are her and the stars. And he can’t reach the stars. It's the end of the world, or the end of their world. There are Biblical references, and lots of dust. It's not all that happy, really.

franztastisch wrote me a dystopian AU with climate change and meta on stories. YES SHE WENT THERE. And wrote it in her usual gorgeous writing style, where imagery and metaphor are delivered simply and elegantly, just to finish me off.

I am a lucky, lucky, spoilt fangirl today :D