July 8th, 2014


fandom things

kaydeefalls has an excellent Natasha post-Winter Soldier vid: We Will Dance. This is the vid I hoped we'd get after the film! (They've also done Steve and Bucky vids. Aww hell, just watch all their vids. You won't regret it.)

David Aja tweeted that Hawkeye #19 will be out on July 30th! And I am going to need this Phil Noto Black Widow cover in my life.

There's a masterlist for the Clint/Natasha Remix Exchange on be_compromised. Just in case anyone on my f-list doesn't already know *grins*. I'm working my way through.

JK Rowling has written a post-epilogue Harry Potter article from the pen of Rita Skeeter. You can read it HERE if, like me, you long ago gave up on Pottermore. It doesn't tell us much we didn't already know.

Doctor Who series 8 scripts have been leaked (no spoilers in article). *sigh* These things give me this reaction: Please don't spoil people. And by 'people' I mean me. And by 'me' I mean I will be angry faced.

Oooh, by the by, I have watched all of Agents of SHIELD and now can no longer be spoiled! Diving into the fics and vids and extras and wonderful, but obviously the fervor has died down now, so if anyone has recs or links to things they loved please do share :)

At least in the UK you can now pre-order the Art of Level 7 Agents of SHIELD variants! For anyone who doesn't know what this is, a group of great artists did art that was expensive but is now on the covers of comics at much more affordable prices. For example on disposable heroes for £3.79 each. Variants available. (You have to search on disposable heroes for each issue.) The only one that I'm not in love with is the pinky maze.

This. Academy Award Winning Movie Trailer by BriTANicKdotcom on YouTube. Warning: meta.