December 28th, 2014

avengers:assassins snow

another secret santa done; Christmas must be over

Well that's the be_compromised secret santa gift exchange done and dusted for another year. Now I can dive out of the organisational bubble and into the reading one! The masterlist is full of very tempting fics.

My gift is the fantastic technicality by sweetwatersong (PG): There is snow on the ground, snow against the windows, and in a library on a long winter's night she finds the life that has led to a ledger. It's a LIBRARY AU with supernatural/mystical elements and deaf!Clint and amazing writing and I absolutely love it!

I wrote the highest state of friendship for _samalander (or on AO3) (PG13): A futuristic space AU in which bounty hunters Natasha and Clint aren’t married. Actually they’re supposed to be hunting each other. Also with deaf!Clint, and some messing with tropes.

My fic clocked in at nearly big bang legth, erm, ooops? What is it about the be_compromised secret santa exchanges that make me write loooooong things? I guess the prompts and writing excitement atmosphere are just that damn good :D Also frea_o made the perfect banner, squee!