March 10th, 2015

avengers:natasha all things

fic: act like you know everything

The reveals are up for the MCU Ladies Fic Exchange and there are some wonderful things! I can't read the Peggy Carter ones because I'm trying to avoid spoilers, but Marvelous Ladies fic! My gift is Tromsø by pentapus which is a where Jane and Darcy went during the Avengers fic that is full of amusing twists of phrase, has a fun narrative voice, and reads like a creepy ghost story.

I tried to write a fic which had both Natasha and Peggy in for my giftee. I had thinky thoughts about how people, but especially women, are viewed and constructed by others and themselves and I didn't manage to pin that down on paper, and it ended up being a Natasha focus fic. Maybe these are thinky thoughts I'll come back to again.

Title: act like you know everything (originally on AO3)
Rating/Warnings: PG13 (f-word, identity issues)
Length: 1523 words
Summary: There was a bunker in New Jersey with three photographs and Natasha had asked, "Who's the girl?" It's been playing on her mind.
Author Note: Written for interestinggin in the MCU Ladies Fic Exchange, who asked for Peggy Carter and Natasha Romanova in a fic together. The quote in the fourth paragraph is from Suzanne Collin’s Mockingjay.

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