January 6th, 2016

girl reading sunshine

2015 Big Book List

The new things that I read in 2015 - not including comics, because otherwise we really will be here all day, although there are the things that I read as graphic novels. This is just a list, although arranged in at least some kind of rec order. My reviews and book chatter is over here at goodreads. I tend to rate some books higher overall if I enjoyed them regardless of some faults and then there's those, like New Avengers: The Reunion, that are so bad they're good, but no, really, I can't rate them any higher even if I'm enjoying myself laughing.

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Comics mentions for things I'm loving: Bitch Planet, Saga, Lazarus, Pretty Deadly, The Beauty, The Wicked & The Devine, Giant Days, Southern Cross, East of West, I tried some of Isobelle Greenberg's things at Thought Bubble and she's amazing... A lot of Image! I'm trying to teach myself to wait for more trades when it comes to Marvel, although I've been trying some first issues of their new lines. (All new All New Hawkeye was a sad disappointment. Doctor Strange was amusing. The first issue of The Vision was cleverly creepy.)

Any recommendations from your 2015 reads?