May 9th, 2016

girl reading sunshine

Franzi and Gecko's Friends exchange - Dear Writer letter

Hi! In the spirit of this being a laidback, friendly exchange, seriously, I really am going to be okay with anything that you feel like writing. I’ll just be sat over here happy that I could help enable you into creating something! But since that’s unhelpful *grins* here’s a few of my likes and dislikes:

I’ve listed some of my favourite characters in my requests, but other characters are also great, especially ladies and interesting character dynamics. I LOVE team-families! I also like sass and fun dialogue, competent ladies, twists, AUs, misunderstandings and people not getting on straight away, friends to lovers, and the ridiculousness that is life. Diversity is great: gender, sexuality, disability, all the things.

Gen fics, ship fics, and threesomes are all fair game; just make me believe in it. Infinite variety in infinite combinations :) When it comes to sexytimes feel free to include them or not; sub/dom and bondage, sensual and worshipping, or sex being ridiculous and messy all welcome. And emotions/feels are always welcome.

I enjoy all kinds of genres – comedy, serious fic, hurt/comfort – but I’m in the kind of mood at the moment where I’d like everyone to be okay by the end.

If you’re after something more specific or prompt orientated feel free to use or ignore any of these:
- circus
- supernatural/fairytale
- asexual character
- ladies team up
- Clint Barton collects strays
- shenanigans at any version of Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters
- Firefly: it never goes smooth / Marvel: aww, noes
- anything that spins out of Civil War

In this exchange I’d rather not read or write: major character death, baby!fic or incest.