September 19th, 2017

avengers:team hawkeye & lucky

Fic: We Can Get Better

I wrote a thing! For franzi's and gecko's friends write for each other - the reckoning exchange - damn good fics, take a look.

Mine is a Clint Barton at the end of Fraction & Aja & Team's comics run fic and my first time writing a threesome - Clint/Natasha/Bucky.

Title: We Can Get Better
Rating/Warnings: Explicit (sex, threesome, full body hug as a form of bondage, hypervigilance after a home invasion)
Length: 6540 words
Author Note: Written for musicspeakstoo. Title is from Get Better by Frank Turner, now permanently associated with Fraction & Aja & Team's Hawkeye for me thanks to this vid. Fic takes place between Clint being in a hospital gown and Clint shooting with Kate at the end of #22. Clint and Kate are the comics versions of themselves, Natasha and Bucky are possibly more MCU or AU. Beta read by franztastisch, who knows how last minute I am at finishing, and still offers to beta read for me, and makes everything better.
Summary: Hypervigilance is kicking in. Clint wishes he could sleep for a week, but he won’t even manage a full night. He’s gonna be up each time something moves in his peripheral vision. He’s already turned the stupid hearing aids up to the max. He’ll be checking the locks and the boarded up window every hour probably.

Clint thought that everyone left after the Battle of Bed-Stuy, but Natasha's still here and that means the chances of him sleeping tonight have just improved dramatically.