October 17th, 2017

avengers:assassins snow

Secret Santa, MBB, and a rec

Secreta Santa 2017 sign ups are open at be_compromised until 9AM GMT SATURDAY 21ST OCTOBER. The community has moved to Dreamwidth but you can sign up using your LJ with OpenID or comment anonymously to sign up including your LJ handle in your comment. There's only 4 people signed up so far, so if you know of anyone who'd be interested in an exchange with Clint and Natasha, as a couple or friends or partners, then please do spread the word.

Also marvel big bang starts posting soon and they have an AO3 collection. Nice, some long Marvel fics comings soon.

Any fic recs from things you've read recently? franztastisch pointed me at Summer Don't Own Me No More by Nonymos with gorgeous art by alby_mangroves, and it is solar!punk and amazing!