May 1st, 2018

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Spoiler Free Infinity War Reaction

On my first Thursday watch of Infinity War I went in unable to cope and left...still unable to cope! I had a rewatch Friday and the weekend to recover and form some thoughts, so here's a SPOILER FREE reaction:

The previous 10 years of movies were the build up to this one, in that it launches straight into things and does not let up. There's no time for the audience to catch up - you have to have seen what came before. And when you have, as a fan I enjoyed it! They balance a large cast very well, so that even though some characters get more screen time than others they still all get their moments. Wonderful moments! Hilarious ones, kickass ones, heartbreaking ones, great crossover ones, great quotable ones… It’s an emotional rollercoaster that was so good because I was already invested in these characters and their relationships. I’ll be watching again at the cinema - even with those heartbreaking moments - because it’s a damn good ride and there’s a hell of a lot to take in.

It's also very clearly a part one of two with Avengers 4 still to come, and thanks to some bold choices in Infinity War that I was NOT prepared for, I still feel like anything could happen next and anything could change. I NEED PART TWO NOW PLEASE.

I reached the point where I can't really do proper, full reaction posts to Marvel films anymore because they hit me with all the feelings, and then my brain starts latching onto all the little details and connections and I blue screen. It’s easier to chat about it with other people, focusing on one thing at the time, so if you want to talk with SPOILERS there’s a thread over here on be_compromised. I’m also in a Twitter chat group with a bunch of lovely Loki fangirls I kind of got adopted into after Thor Ragnarok lol, I’m lucky to have @TricksyLiesmith as my cinema buddy - we hugged a lot - and I’ve talked NON-IW fanfic with [profile] franztastich which helped, so I’m in recovery!