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I'd really like to keep track of these all in one place, to ensure that I always give credit where credit is due, so here is a list to credit of all the resources that go into the icons and any other graphics made, or altered (with their creator's permission), by me that you might come across in this journal:

Picnik for image manipulation, text, effects - free online image editing another free online image editing site
angelamaria's Icon Table Generator @ Bauble
[info]irinafan's CSS Guide to Flexible Squares
colour codes
The Leaky Cauldron for Harry Potter images
[info]inkvoices's photography
still flying for screencaps and images from Firefly
Screencap Paradise
The Institute - A Torchwood fansite - screencaps - screencaps
Dr Who screencaps gallery
Torchwood season 2 screencaps -  by Signe @
Sonic Biro - Dr Who, Torchwood, Sarah Jane Adentures
CAPS by Emma-Jane
Trek Core
screencaps by aithine
homeofthenutty screencaps
PicMonkey - image editor - some Avengers trailer screencaps
imageshack - some more Avengers trailer screencaps - Avengers location pics
Hurt Locker screencaps
Marvel Avengers Assemble screencaps 
Jeremy Lee Renner website 
Scarlett Johansson website
screencaps heaven - Captain American
Gallicka - Amazing Spider Man
Shadow of Reflection - The Incredible Hulk - Thor

Brilliant artists:
Fiona Staples
David Aja
Phil Noto
Annie Wu
Skottie Young
Emma Rios

Textures from:

Tags: icons: resources

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