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08 January 2009 @ 08:05 pm
Fanfiction: Firefly/Serenity, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Sherlock, X Men, and Misc.  
Disclaimers: These are works of transformative fiction. I own nothing and I am making no profit. Reading and writing about things that are illegally or morally wrong does not mean that I condone, approve of, promote, and so on, these things. This is fiction and they are fictional wrongs.

Stories are listed in reverse chronological order by when they were written.


It is safest to assume that all fics contain spoilers for both the series and the film unless otherwise stated.

Surrender Up My Heart And Swop It For Yours (15/R, 120 words)
Summary: Crossover with Angel, for the prompt Faith/Simon, an unlikely couple but they work.

Herself (PG13, 376 words)
Summary: for the prompt Saffron, her favourite alternate identity (/husband).

The More Things Change (PG13, 424 words)
Summary: for the prompt The Independents won the Battle of Serenity.

(untitled 3 sentence fic) (PG, 248 words)
Summary: for the prompt River and Wash, she gets ahold of his dinosaurs

(untitled 3 sentence fic) (PG13, 97 words)
Summary: for the prompt Mal/River, can't get you out of my head

Morning Has Broken (PG, 295 words)
Summary: Written for the prompt Simon gets used to life on board Serenity. “How can you even tell it’s morning?”

Knockout (PG13, 720 words)
Summary: Waking up together. Not what you think.

Journey To Still Water (PG13, 3,880 words)
Summary: Sometimes, for some people, things are smoothed out. Or how someone else came to be onboard Serenity and make a home there.
Author Note: Crossover/multi-fandom with Harry Potter.

River Is Scary (PG13, 151 words)
Summary: She thought Jayne wouldn't be afraid.

Jayne And River Are Both Scary (PG13, 632 words)
Summary: Jayne and River have been sent to collect money that's owed.

Jayne And River Discuss Jiggling (PG13, 260 words)
Summary: Jayne looks. So does River.

Acceptable (PG13, 1,165 words)
Summary:River, Jayne, Kaylee, and Simon are allowed off Serenity to do some shopping, but River is somewhat peeved that she's never allowed out on her own. (Set after the BDM.) Written for anthrax_0 for Write For Relief.

The Good With The Bad (PG13, 2,583 words)
Summary: Wash would like to get married, but every time he tries people start shooting and it's all Mal's fault.
Author Note: Written for sugar_fey. Technically follows Traditionally but works as a stand-alone.

Traditionally (PG13, 3,273 words)
Summary: A story about marital traditions, in which Wash drinks tea and does not want to be an Offended Man.
Author Note: Written for sarahetc.

Exaggeration and Fabrication (PG13, 328 words)
Summary: Pre-War Stories Wash thinks about the stories of his war.

Correcting Colours (PG13, 1,402 words)
Summary: Simon visits River in her room, in a 'missing scene' from near the beginning of Ariel, after she is confined there for attacking Jayne. River thinks Jayne looks better in red.
Author Note: A mild crossover with Harry Potter, because sugar_fey had a chat with me about what Houses the crew of Firefly might be Sorted into.

Of Smuggling Jobs And Nifty Flying (PG13, 7,510 words)
Summary: Mal has a good old fashioned smuggling job lined up, which shouldn't be anything to do with Wash, because he's fired.
Author Note: Set pre-series, after Wash has gotten rid of the moustache but before Inara has joined the crew. Originally written as a gift for sarahetc as part of Wasahathon '08. Her requests of Wash being recognised for having expert piloting skills and intense spaceship manoeuvres made me all kinds of happy.

Zoe Washburne, 15th February (PG13, 1,100 words)
Summary: Zoe's first birthday after marrying Wash.
Author Note: Set pre-series. Written for sugar_fey

Venture Without Gain (PG13, 1,715 words)
Summary: There are eight other people on board Serenity besides Jayne and seven he wouldn't mind doing a bit of bunk sharing with.

Unashamed (PG13, 159 words)
Summary: One time that Kaylee told River to go away.

Doctor Who

Hand In Hand (PG, 255 words)
Summary: crossover with Sandman, Jenny's deaths are temporary but time enough for Death.

In The Time Given (PG, 615 words)
Summary: Amy and Rory have a morning off and watch some cartoons.

A Time For Tea (PG13, 1,050 words)
Summary: for the prompt AU Journey’s End, Jack remains in the TARDIS instead of Donna when the Dalek Supreme attempts to destroy it, causing the cloned Doctor to have characteristics of Jack instead of Donna.

Illustrations In Red (PG, 495 words)
Summary: Amy has always liked red.

Kind of Magic (PG, 484 words)
Summary: Some days the Doctor thinks that Young River is even worse than Spoilers River. For the prompt "If she floats she's a witch."

The Day The Gnome Garden Walked (PG, 446 words)
Summary: Rory tries to help a witness, the Doctor examines mud, and Amy asks stupid questions. For the prompt gnome garden.

The World Turns (PG, 683 words)
Summary: Crossover with Single Father and sequel to Like The Would Could Change in which Dave is not really alright at all, but he could be.

Like The World Could Change (PG, 581 words)
Summary: Crossover with Single Father, for the prompt Months after losing his wife, Dave finds an old fob watch… And Rose.

Time Enough (PG13, 562 words)
Summary: for a prompt in which the Master is meant to be the good guy whilst the Doctor and River are the biggest threat to the universe. We never did fund out why the TARDIS exploded...

Outrageous Amounts Of Running (PG13, 752 words)
Summary: a crossover with The Time Traveller's Wife for the prompt Alba DeTamble(/any), their relationship wasn’t exactly normal, but nor was her partner.

(untitled 3 sentence fic) (PG, 120 words)
Summary: for the prompt Doctor Who/Fringe, Donna, Walter would be able to fix her mind in a jiffy.
Author Note: crossover with Fringe, sort of linked to the last one?

(untitled 3 sentence fic) (PG, 169 words)
Summary: for the prompt count the stars one by one
Author Note: crossover with (but no spoilers for) Fringe.

Tricks of the Eye (PG, 56 words)
Summary: for the prompt in the Flesh. Amy's dreams turn dark.

The Games Children Play (PG13, 957 words)
Summary: If you could go anywhere and any when, where would you go?
Author Note: sequel to All Perfectly Normal and Five Minutes

Five Minutes (PG, 818 words)
Summary: Rory and Amelia wait for the Doctor to return.
Author Note: sequel to All Perfectly Normal

More Like The Man You Were Made To Be (PG, 614 words)
Summary: written for the prompt In ancient Rome, struggling with the prospect of being a soldier, Rory has to learn how to hurt people instead of healing them.

This Time Around (PG, 273 words)
Summary: written for the prompt Amy/Rory, he knows she misses him, but this time around it's different.

First Guest (PG, 1022 words)
Summary: Crossover with Torchwood, written for the prompt Rory knows about Torchwood because they helped him find a home when he fell through the Rift as a child. In which there is a blue rubber duck.

All Perfectly Normal (PG, 2,356 words)
Summary: an AU written for the prompt the Doctor crashed in Rory’s yard.

Keeping Busy (PG, 1,523 words)
Summary: Written for the prompt Amy/Rory, they're building an evil empire. The Doctor leaves them behind and Amy sets to work bringing the magic back into her life herself, Doctor be damned.

Of Wake-Up Calls And Possible Skull Fractures (PG13, 516 words)
Summary: for the prompt Amy/Rory + Eleven, “WAKEY, WAKEY!”. In which bunkbeds have their uses.

Bluest Blue Ever (U, 284 words)
Summary: for the prompt the origin of coining it TARDIS Blue

Next Stop: Anywhere (PG, 350 words)
Summary: for the prompt Donna, she can’t figure out why seeing that particular shade of blue always makes her feel this way

Impossible Things (PG13, 453 words)
Summary: for the prompt Amy/Rory, after witnessing the Romance between the Doctor/River they remember their first kiss

The Impossible Amy Pond (PG13, 515 words)
Summary: Amy knows that the Doctor lies. She's always known it.

We Are For Each Other (PG13, 1,188 words)
Summary: Kindness will kill her, but Amy can't help looking for company.


Just A Date (PG, 617 words)
Summary: Tosh/Martha for the prompt “I’m good if you need your computer fixed, but not the kind of girl you’d want to date.”

There's A Funny Story (PG13, 1,253 words)
Summary: Gwen just wants to go home and she's determind to take Rhys with her. Written for a werewolf AU prompt.

As Far As The Eye Can See (PG, 376 words)
Summary: Jack and Ianto try a spot of pteranodon training. For the prompt don't want to go back to the Hub.

Moments; Singular (R, 3,400 words)
Summary: It starts with the moment that Torchwood Twelve hires the crew of Serenity for a job. A crossover with Firefly written for the Post Christmas Blues Fest at torchwood_fest.

(Always) At A Quarry In Wales (PG13, 705 words)
Summary: for the prompt Torchwood/RPF, Jack Harkness/John Barrowman, John meets the man he’s been playing all these years at the edge of a quarry in Wales.

The Most Selfish Man (PG13, 396 words)
Summary: for the prompt Jack/Ianto, Ianto does die in Thames House, however Jack, using the power of the Bad Wolf, makes Ianto immortal and a fixed point in time like him.

Once More With Meaning (PG, 664 words)
Summary: For the prompt S/he sings pieces from various operas in the original language.

Priority (PG,237 words)
Summary: written for the prompt Gen or Jack/Ianto, “Hypothetically, Jack, what if I didn’t make anymore coffee?”

Happy Days (PG13, 530 words)
Summary: for the prompt winning the lottery (under the name of Torchwood).

Live In Hope (PG13, 1920 words)
Summary: Tosh had been chosen by Torchwood and they had used any means necessary to keep her. For the prompt Torchwood, Team, Tosh is the immortal leader, Jack is the teaboy, Ianto is the doctor, Gwen is the computer whiz and Owen is the police constable

Sherlock BBC

If All The Sea Were Ink (PG13, 470 words)
Summary: for the prompt Sarah/Molly, if you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with.

The Thing That Happens To Other People (PG13, 4,050 words)
Summary: AU for the prompt Sherlock is John's therapist. “Did you serve in Afghanistan or Iraq?” the man clarifies, steepling his fingers under his chin so that he looks like he’s praying for patience, and John reminds himself that he only has to attend six obligatory sessions with a psychiatrist.

Careful What You Ask For (PG, 135 words) Sherlock BBC/Good Omens
Summary: for the prompt Sherlock & Crowley/+Aziraphale, “We were wondering if you could help us find the Antichrist.”

(untitled 3 sentence fic) (PG, 102 words) Sherlock BBC
Summary: for the prompt female!Sherlock, genius.

(untitled 3 sentence fic) (PG, 143 words) Sherlock/Doctor Who
Summary: for the prompt a Time Lord and a consulting detective walk into a bar.

Wednesday To-Do List (PG13, 56 words) Sherlock BBC
Summary: for the prompt Moriarty, average day.

X Men (movie verse)

Those That Stand In My Corner (PG13, 384 words)
Summary: for the prompt Rogue/Logan, Rogue is the cage fighter and Logan makes a bet.

(untitled 3 sentence fic) (PG, 62 words)
Summary: for the prompt Darwin, like a beacon calling me home (X Men First Class)

These are some older stories (which is a warning in and of itself, heh) and it may be that I included reference to comics, thanks to things filtered down into my brain through fandom, but I was actually only familiar with the films at the time.

Half A Smile (PG, 547 words)
Summary: Nightcrawler and meeting new people.

A Normal Friday Night (PG, 3,467 words)
Summary: Jubilee plots mayhem and what really happened during Logan's second attempt at babysitting. The Professor is still amused.
Author Note: This is technically a companion piece to The Babysitter, which doesn't need to be read first but does explain the black leather. Both are AU, set some time after the events of X2 but with Jean alive.

The Babysitter (PG, 1,179 words)
Summary: Why "black leather does not constitute a date" and Logan has 'fun' babysitting. Much amusement is had by the Professor.
Author Note: AU, set sometime after the events of X2 but with Jean still alive.

The Beholder (PG, 1,380 words)
Summary: 'Beauty is in the eye of the beholder'. The mutant problem seen from a different angle. Based on X3 trailers and spoilers.

Miscellaneous (the odd bits and one-offs)

All The Gluing Back (PG, 826 words) Star Trek XI
Summary: for the prompt Pike/McCoy, waking up together is great.

(nine untitled 3 sentence fics) (overall PG13) Narnia
Summary: for the prompts what if a Talking Beast is born intelligent but unable to speak?, trains, take you anywhere, Susan/The Doctor, "This is the last stop." (crossover with Doctor Who), Peter and Edmund, fondness for knives, after Narnia, Susan & Edmund, if I only could make a deal with god, and get him to swap our places, Peter, he was getting too old for this, Edmund, spymaster, Susan & Lucy, there were so very different and Susan, with a backup makeshift life in waiting.

Heart Ache (G, 56 words) Narnia
Summary: for the prompt Lucy, home is where your heart is.

untitled Castle ficlet (PG13, 280 words) Castle
Summary: for the prompt Castle, Team, "Can someone explain to me why I walked in on an argument about dinosaurs?"

Rightly Ineffable (PG, 1,320 words) Good Omens
Summary: Crowley lets Aziraphale know that their 'relationship' seems to have changed from where he's standing.
Author Note: The first I wrote fanfiction of my own was in 2005 and it was the obligatory 'Crowley and Aziraphale get drunk and realised they're meant for each other' for the Good Omens scene. Try not to hold it against me.