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Fic: (At Least) Seven

Title: (At Least) Seven
Rating/Warnings: PG
Length: 100 words
Author Note: written for the second challenge of Round Two at fwhg_ldws, the prompt for which was 'temptation'. To my 'this one has to be exactly 100 words?! Oh hell' shock, it won.

(At Least) Seven

"Only one," she'd said, then it was two, and now she's expecting again.

Nobody minds, least of all Fred. He loves Ophelia, who refuses to take off her Canon's t-shirt, and little Ron, whose favourite bedtime story is Cinderella, and he loves his pregnant wife. He loves the curves of her, the shine in her eyes, her sexy smile as she dumps her feet in his lap and demands another foot rub.

He's tempted to ask if they can have (at least) seven, but her feet are perilously close to his privates, so now is probably not the best time.
Tags: fanfiction: all, fanfiction: harry potter
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