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fun things - off you go!

I come bearing links that lead to fantastically fun things.

First, this weeks fwhg_ldws, whilst not the best set if I'm honest, are fun stories with a surprising mix of fluff and angst - I had thought that a prompt of 'a marriage proposal' would inevitably lead to much fluff, so the mix is a pleasant surprise. Go check them out:

Read and vote here at fwhg_ldws.

And over at the newly begun cw_ldws</lj>  there are some shiny new Charlie ficlets here!  I found it very hard to choose a favourite - some really good stories there. :o)

Voting for both ends at midnight (New York time) on Saturday, so off you go!

...And when you're done with those, please do leave some prompts here for the National Month of Charlie Weasley Fest, because this year April is Charlie's month, which is all kinds of exciting. :oD
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