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26 March 2010 @ 12:17 am
the amazing that happened yesterday  
Amazingly, I got to meet Kelley Armstrong at a reading and signing event in Manchester's Waterstones yesterday evening!

She's a very lovely lady, and took time to speak to each person rather than just signing and ushering us out. There was a reading of the prologue of Frostbitten and my copy was signed with 'Sarah, Happy Reading! Kelly Armstrong'. Waterstones' offered to deduct the price of the ticket to the event off the cost of the book, which is just amusing for those of us who bought the book way back when it came out, but that was a nice gesture *grins*.

- The next book, Waking The Witch, is the first of three that are to be narrated by Savannah. The third will apparently see a lot of old plot threads that have been left hanging coming together, the return of characters we haven't seen for some time, and a culmination of the idea put forward in Living With The Dead about how there's an awful lot of strangeness happening lately, what with a female werewolf and all...

- There's to be another YA trilogy, with different characters than the current trilogy but they'll intersect. It's likely that there will be at least one more Nadia book. There may be more exploration of Jeremy and his mother, in more short stories if not in a novel.

- Kelley Armstrong is, apparently, left-handed and used to have a stutter. She takes online personalty quizzes from the point of view of her characters to test how well she knows them (and goes back to the drawing board if she can't answer them all straight off). Having taken two 'what character in the Otherworld series do you most resemble' type quizzes she was said to be Clay, which she objects to. In fact, she said that if ever her and Clay were to meet, they'd murder each other. (So let's hope they never do, heh.)

Exucse me, I feel the urge to re-read...
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