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08 January 2009 @ 07:42 pm
Crossovers and Multi-fandom Fics  
Disclaimer: These are transformative works of fiction. I don't own anything and I make no profit. Reading and writing about things that are illegally or morally wrong does not mean that I condone, approve of, promote, and so on, these things. This is fiction and they are fictional wrongs.

Stories are listed in reverse chronological order by when they were written.

Five People That Tony Stark Never Made A Suit For (And One That He Did) (PG13, 1970 words)
Avengers/Harry Potter/Firefly/Torchwood/Buffy & Angel/Doctor Who
Summary: what it says in the title.

The Child Takers (15/R, 1,820 words)
Avengers/Sandman/Doctor Who/Angel
Summary: They come in the night, the takers of children. A story about darkness and monsters. A story about the people that try to take Natasha away and the one person who finally does.

Surrender Up My Heart And Swop It For Yours (15/R, 120 words)
Summary: for the prompt Faith/Simon, an unlikely couple but they work.

(untitled) (PG13, 336 words)
Summary: In which Castle follows a SHIELD Agent, Coulson is awesome, and Fury has a headache.

Hand In Hand (PG, 255 words)
Sandman/Doctor Who
Summary: Jenny's deaths are temporary but time enough for Death.

Moments; Singular (R, 3,400 words)
Summary: It starts with the moment that Torchwood Twelve hires the crew of Serenity for a job. Written for the Post Christmas Blues Fest at torchwood_fest

Careful What You Ask For (PG, 135 words)
Sherlock BBC/Good Omens
Summary: for the prompt Sherlock & Crowley/+Aziraphale, “We were wondering if you could help us find the Antichrist.”

The World Turns (PG, 683 words)
Doctor Who/Single Father
Summary: Sequel to Like The Would Could Change in which Dave is not really alright at all, but he could be.

Like The World Could Change (PG, 581 words)
Doctor Who/Single Father
Summary: for the prompt Months after losing his wife, Dave finds an old fob watch… And Rose.

Outrageous Amounts Of Running (PG13, 752 words)
The Time Traveller's Wife/Doctor Who
Summary: for the prompt Alba DeTamble(/any), their relationship wasn’t exactly normal, but nor was her partner

(untitled 3 sentence fic) (PG, 120 words)
Doctor Who/Fringe
Summary: for the prompt Donna, Walter would be able to fix her mind in a jiffy.

(untitled 3 sentence fic) (PG, 143 words)
Doctor Who/Sherlock
Summary: for the prompt a Time Lord and a consulting detective walk into a bar.

(untitled 3 sentence fic) (PG, 169 words)
Doctor Who/Fringe
Summary: for the prompt count the stars one by one, with Donna and Walter.

(untitled 3 sentence fic) (PG13, 122 words)
Doctor Who/Narnia
Summary: for the prompt Susan/The Doctor, "This is the last stop."

First Guest (PG, 1022 words)
Doctor Who/Torchwood
Summary: written for the prompt Rory knows about Torchwood because they helped him find a home when he fell through the Rift as a child. In which there is a blue rubber duck.

Hole Punched (PG13, 1720 words)
Castle/Doctor Who
Summary: For Doctor Lanie Parish the real crazy call outs were the ones with the crazy live people.

Journey To Still Water (PG13, 3,880 words)
Firefly/Serenity, Harry Potter
Summary: Sometimes, for some people, things are smoothed out. Or how someone else came to be onboard Serenity and make a home there.

Insert Key In Lock (PG13, 1,515 words)
Harry Potter, Firefly/Serenity, Doctor Who, Buffy/Angel
Summary: The important thing is that keys make doors open. (Multi-fandom fic in which characters turn twenty-one.)

Correcting Colours (PG13, 1,420 words)
Firefly, Harry Potter
Summary: Simon visits River in her room, in a 'missing scene' from near the beginning of Ariel, after she is confined there for attacking Jayne. River thinks Jayne looks better in red.
Author Note: A mild crossover with Harry Potter, because sugar_fey had a chat with me about what Houses the crew of Firefly might be Sorted into.

The Backs Of Their Heads (PG13, 5,588 words)
Multi-fandom, but primarily Harry Potter/Sandman
Summary: Dean and Luna get caught in a storm whilst staying at Shell Cottage, but this is a strange storm for April and the inn where they take shelter is a place where stories are told.
Author Note: The two main characters, including the narrator, are from Harry Potter, the story takes place in the Harry Potter verse and Neil Gaiman's Sandman verse, and after that it all gets a little crazy, but really Harry Potter is the only fandom you need to be familiar with.

Fighting To Explain From In-Between (PG13, 1,766 words)
Harry Potter/Dogma
Summary: Dennis wishes he was more like Colin, then maybe he wouldn't be in this in-between place.
Author Note: A mild crossover with the film 'Dogma', but the only knowledge really required from the film is provided in a quote at the start of the story.